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Quiz Yourself! "You are the Ref"

Log in and quiz yourself.  Read the Scenarios and check your answer against  the decisions of famous retired Premier League Referee Keith Hackett with comic strip pictures from the artist Paul Trevillion. This is really fun. Here's the link: You Are the Ref.

Today's You Are The Ref is not too tricky, but it covers something that all refs need to know... (12/8/2014) Click the cartoon for the answers.

And now... here's a simple explanation of the Offside by John Cleese

U.S. Soccer Referee Directives

The U.S. Soccer Referee Directives are now available online. They can be found here. The ten (10) Directives are provided to assist in the management of games at the highest levels and, hence, are of interest not only to match officials but coaches and administrators as well. The objective of the Directives is to provide a more unified and consistent approach in key areas of game management.

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