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Referee Class Information:

Oklahoma Soccer Association has updated and revised its procedures for registering for classes and recertifying referees. 

09 classes are now set up with two sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $75
08 classes are now set with three sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $75

Both classes require the candidate to take the online version of the course on the USSF web site. All registration will be done online PRIOR to attending an 09, an 08, or a recert course. No exceptions. Use the SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES link. 

Online registration for 2015 is now available. Register at this link: 

Background check application is available at 

Referee Registration, Badges, Logins, Lost ID numbers, etc.

QUESTIONS: please contact Dave Moore at the OSA office by email: or phone 800-347-3590 or 918-627-2663.

For Red Card Ejections, submit this online form immediately after your game.

Which One Do You Want?

Which One Do You Want?

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wow! ref off his line and Arsenal gets done in on this play...