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Referees - Equipment

Referees can obtain their equipment locally:

Contact Daryn Story:  (405) 412-8154

Available for purchase: 

Discount Referee Kit - including shirt, shorts, socks, bag, whistle & lanyard, cards - $69

Expert Advice: What to pack and how to pack it. Tips on what to bring to the field

  1. Jerseys (all 5 colors) long and short sleeve
  2. 2 pairs of shorts (in case of rain, mud etc)
  3. 2 pairs of socks (same idea)
  4. Organizer with: 2 whistles, 2 sets of cards, 2 watches, flags, pump, gauge, coin, badge, sunscreen
  5. 2 different pairs of shoes (cleats, turf, running shoes) for different field and weather conditions
  6. Essential sac pack for wet shoes and used uniforms, so it doesnÂ’t mix with the clean ones
  7. Under garment 2 black undershorts, 2 Under Armour shirts
  8. OSI black t-shirt, to use during breaks, when not working games
  9. OSI warm up wear to the field to look the part of professional referee and make a strong first impression
  10. Snacks, liquids (nuts, trail mix, banana, protein bars, water, sport drinks etc)