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ESC Back to Play Friday May 15th

By JS, 05/08/20, 6:45AM CDT


Dear Parents and Coaches:

The ESC Board and staff are so grateful for your support during this unprecedented time and hope this message finds you and your family well and in good health.  US Youth Soccer, the Oklahoma Soccer Association, the State of Oklahoma, and the City of Edmond have all recommended May 15 as the return to play date.  As long as Phase 1 is a success, sports leagues are re-opening as part of phase 2.  With that said, we will re-open  Friday, May 15.     While we are anxious to see everyone in person, we will continue to monitor recommendations from both the State of Oklahoma and the City of Edmond  and adjust this date accordingly, if necessary.

Rest assured, we will do everything we can   to make it as safe as possible for our members, as we resume play.  Below are the steps we are taking to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for our membership:

Symptoms :  Please stay home if you or your child are experiencing any symptoms or  if  you have  been exposed  to someone experiencing  any  symptoms , or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Social Distancing:   Please continue to practice social distancing while on the sidelines at games  and maintain, at least, six (6) feet between each other.  We will be painting six (6) foot marks on the sidelines for your convenience.  

Common Areas:   There will be no common areas such as bleachers, player benches, referee shack, etc.  Please bring your own seating.

East Side Restrooms :   Only the family restrooms, one on the north and one on the south of the building, will be open.  

West Side Restrooms:    There will be a maximum of only three (3) people allowed inside at any given time.  In an effort to maintain appropriate social distancing, the south side will be used only to enter the restrooms and the north side will be used only to exit the restrooms.  

South Side Restrooms:    Will be limited to only one (1) person in the restroom at a time.  

Cleaning:   We will be cleaning the restrooms between each round of games .

Game Times:   We have increased the time between games to allow teams to get off of the field and the next group on.  Please leave quickly after the conclusion of your game to give the next team coming in room.  Please limit warmup to 15 minutes prior to game.   If you arrive earlier, please wait in your car until it is time for your child to warmup. 

Contact:   No shaking hands or high fives during or   after games.  

Concession :  Lines will be marked for social distancing and  only   pre-packaged items  will be sold.   Staff will be  required to wear  masks and gloves.

Spectators   We recommend that only one parent or guardian attend games with each child, in an effort to limit the amount of people at the complex.

Facial Covering:   In order to protect everyone around us, we ask that all coaches and spectators wear a mask or other facial covering while they are at Edmond Soccer Club.  

Hand Sanitizer:   We will have hand sanitizer placed at the concession buildings, but we encourage everyone to bring their own, as well.

Practices:   Team practices may not start until Friday, May 15 as stated by US Youth Soccer and the Oklahoma Soccer Association.  For practices at ESC, parents should remain in  their  cars.  This should be observed for practices held outside the complex as well. 

Let's work together to make everyone feel as safe as possible during this time.  Many of us feel differently about the pandemic.  Please be empathetic and kind.  Some folks are quite anxious, while others are not bothered at all.  Please think of others, as everyone's situation is different.  Remember that some of our families may have loved ones at home that are high risk. So again, kindness and understanding will go a long way.

Thank you for your support as we work through these trying times. We look forward to seeing everyone back out on the soccer field.

The ESC Board.