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On behalf of the Edmond Soccer Club, I would like to thank you for volunteering this season to coach your team.  The ESC recreational program is staffed by volunteer coaches.   We would not have a recreational program, if we did not have generous people like you, that volunteer their time to teach our kids the game.

I have been working to get more information out to coaches to assist them in teaching the players good foundations, and to help improve the skills of the players.

The curriculum is intended as a tool for you to use, but feel free to adjust to your teams needs.  The material presented is what I do all season with my academy teams, and a large part of what I work on with my older teams as well.  The skills, attacking moves, etc as well as games to play will have a link to a video on youtube.  Most of the videos are 3 to 4 minutes long, and show what to work on.  Some of the activities will also include a written copy of the activity.

Running a training session:.

  1. Be prepared, have a plan
  2. Keep it moving.  Have players on the ball as much as possible.
  3. Be energetic and keep everyone busy
  4. Avoid having players stand in long lines.
  5. Have fun with the kids and make it fun for them.

Practice Format:

  1. Warm up:  Foot skills            
  2. Ladders:                           
  3. Attacking Moves                  
  4. 1v1 Activity                         
  5. Scrimmage                          

When you scrimmage, don’t stop the game too much.  Instead coach over the game.  

Thanks again for volunteering your time.