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2021 FALL Outdoor Academy:


Registration information for upcoming Season 

Registration opens:         July 1st, 2021

Practices Begin:                 Week of August 2nd

Games Begin:                      August 20th

The ESC Academy is moving to a year long Registration to save Parents having to register multiple times throughout the year. Parents will register for the year. We are offering 3 Payment Plans

  1. Whole Year paid in Full - Cost is $830. This includes $290 for Fall and Spring Registration, $40 for Fall and Spring Field Usage, and $500 for 10 Months trainer Fees (August thru May)
  2. Two Payments - Initial Cost is $465. This includes $145 for Fall Registration, $20 for Fall Field Usage and $300 for 6 Months trainer fees (August thru January). The 2nd payment will be drafted on Feb 1st, 2022 for $365. This includes $145 for Spring Registration, $20 for Spring Field Usage, and $200 for 4 Months trainer fees (February thru May)
  3. Monthly Plan - Initial Cost is $165. This includes $145 for Fall Registration, $20 for Fall Field Usage. Monthly fees of $50 will be drafted on the 15th of each month starting in August and ending in May. $165 will be drafted on February 1st. 2022. This includes $145 for Spring Registration and $20 for Spring Field Usage. 

The year long plan includes

Fall Outdoor Season - August 2nd - November 7th

Indoor Season 1 - November 8th - December 17th

Indoor Season 2 - January 10th - February 18th

Spring Outdoor Season - February 21st - May 20th

If a player is not participating in 1 of these seasons then we can suspend your payments for those months. In order to suspend a payment, please email Gary Boreham by the 5th of that month.


Oklahoma Soccer is now using a new system (gotsoccer 2) to register all players. After you click on the appropriate registration link, you will need to create a new account and upload your Birth Certificate again. Your old User name and Password are now obsolete and email addresses will be used. This will take a little longer to complete this first year but will be easier in the long run. Thanks 

Need help with registration?  Email Gary Boreham at or call at 405-305-9309


ESC ACADEMY REGISTRATION - $145 per season (Fall and Spring)

MONTHLY DUES - $50 PER MONTH (10 Months)

ESC FIELD USAGE FEE - $20 per Season (Fall and Spring)


What is Academy?

The ESC Academy program is designed to allow recreational players aged U7-U10 to practice and play with kids of like ability.  This program allows players to be challenged according to their level of ability and to help them develop as soccer players.  It gives players the opportunity to work with experienced ESC staff coaches who have an extensive experience playing and coaching the game.

The focus of the training sessions will be teaching each player the skills necessary to have success in the game.  Players will work with the ball at their feet to make them comfortable with the ball and have the confidence to keep the ball during games.  Each session will lead into small-sided games to teach players how to apply the skills in the game.

The Academy program is also a great tool for preparing players that think they may want to try out for competitive soccer at U11, or just to lay a solid foundation for continued play at the recreational level at U11.

Why Academy?

The Academy is staffed by coaches that are on staff at the Edmond Soccer Club.  Many of these coaches have played at a high level and have attended education courses geared towards soccer coaches.  All coaches in the academy have a minimum of a national D license and many have attainder their National Youth License as well.  (Younger coaches/new coaches may take up to a year to get their D license and are mentored by senior coaches) This will ensure that kids in the Academy program will be taught the necessary skills for playing the game and create good habits that will benefit your child as a player, regardless of what level he or she decides to play from recreational to competitive.  Kids will also get to play in games with kids of equal ability resulting in fewer lopsided games and better level of competition.

Is Academy Competitive?

We train 2 days per week and play a game on Friday, much like other recreational teams.  We keep no standings and remove the pressure to win from the coaches.  This allows coaches to focus on Development.  Any child of any level of ability can participate in the Academy.

Academy Format:

2011 & 2012 Age groups   7v7    Will play games in house and around the OKC Metro

2013 & 2014 Age Groups   4v4    Will play games in house and a few around the OKC metro depending on other clubs and teams in the age group.

Teams will be formed based on ability.  Players may move from one team to the next based on their progress. This evaluation and movement will be up to the coaches working in that age group.


Age Group  Lead Coach  Email  Training Days  Training Times  Training Field 
U10 Girls  Dave Kunitz, Monday & Wednesday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 5
U9 Girls  Mitch Sowerby Tuesday & Thursday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 8 
U8 Girls  Mark Howard, Tuesday & Thursday  4:45p to 6:00p Tuesday ESC 7, Thursday ESC 16
U7 Girls  James Soesbee, Tuesday & Thursday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 9 
U10 Boys  Danny Frid, Tuesday & Thursday  4:45p to 6:00p Tuesday ESC 5, Thursday ESC 15
U9 Boys  Anthony Yousey, Monday & Wednesday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 14
U8 Boys  Niall Burley, Monday & Wednesday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 7 
U7 Boys  Alexi Vizarelis, Monday & Wednesday  4:45p to 6:00p ESC 3 

How are Academy Teams Formed?

Teams will be formed based on ability.  Players may move one team to the next based on their progress.  This evaluation and movement will be up to the coaches working in that age group.  We will be evaluating players throughout the season to make sure we have them placed correctly.


Can my child play up an age group in academy?

Yes, on rare occasions, a player may play up an age group.  The player wishing to play up should be technically, physically and emotionally mature enough to make the top team in the age group above.

In order to "play up" the following needs to happen:

1.   A formal request, via email, should be made to the coach in the child's current age group and the Academy Director.  

2.  The coach of the current age group will make a recommendation to the coach a year up.

3.  The child will practice with the "year up" group the first week of the season to be evaluated. 

4.  At the end of the second session, the evaluating coach will make the recommendation to play up, if warranted.  His or her decision will be based on 1-player first 2- team second 3-club third .

5.  If a player is moved up, they will now play and train with said age group.

Note:  No player may play up on a second team the age group above.  In oder to play up, a player must be in the top 5 to 10 of the group a year older..

Can I register for Recreational and Academy in the same season?

Yes. A player can register for both programs. Fees are required for both programs. Here is the 'Dual Registration' policy for club guidelines. 


If you have any questions or need assistance uploading the birth certificate, please contact the club registrar at

For Additional Information, contact:

Michael Moritz, ESC Academy Director

Phone: 918-704-4886