All U11 through U19 recreational players are required to have player passes with photo ID’s on them for the spring season. Referees are required to follow the proper procedure of checking player passes with the rosters of the teams. No exceptions.

Because many clubs may not have the player passes completed with photos by March 8, Referees are to check the passes and not consider the photo requirement for the weekend of March 8, 2014.

Beginning March 15, 2014, referees at U11 through U19 recreational matches are required to follow the proper procedure of checking player passes with rosters of both teams just as they would a competitive match.


2014 Referee Registration and Recertification
Oklahoma Soccer Association has updated and revised its procedures for registering for classes and recertifying referees. 
09 classes are now set up with two sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $60
08 classes are now set with three sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $60
Both require the candidate to take the online version of the course on the USSF web site.
See the SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES link to the left of this message for more details and how to register.
All registration will be done online PRIOR to attending an 09, an 08, or a recert course. No exceptions. Use the SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES link.
Registration for 2013 has closed. If you have not registered by now, you must attend a recert class in the fall and register for 2014. You will not be able to referee until January 1, 2013.
Online registration for 2014 is now available. Register at this link: 

Apps for iPhone and iPad -if you wish to fill out these forms using an iPhone or iPad, check your App Store for applications such as PDF Max which allows you to fill out the forms and submit. Cost is $2.99 Check for others and their capabilities.

Deadline: January 1, 2014 - after January 2014, add $10 late fee for every position (instructor, assessor, etc.)
Background check applicationis available at 
For a step by step procedure on how to complete the background check, click here.
Registration fees for 2014: (includes a $10 state assessment for recertification courses and Arbiter)
Referee Fees: 09 - $60; 08 - $60; 07 - $70; State - $100; Emeritus - $100
Refs will receive their Law books and badges at the course.

Recert Pre-Test a Requirement prior to Recertification

The refs will receive their Law books and badges at the course.

How to Sign Up for Ref Pay through Arbiter

Use the following link for a PDF presentation on how to sign up for Ref Pay through Arbiter. Ref Pay

Pre-test answers

QUESTIONS: please contact Dale Watts at the OSA office by email: or phone 800-347-3590 or 918-627-2663.

Online Misconduct Form

Submit this form immediately after your game



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