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Pre-Season Referee meetings are held prior to the start of each season.

ESC Referees Pre-Season Meeting (Recert Clinics)

* This season, ESC will offer 2 Recertification Clinics  during the PreSeason meetings.

Dates: (Two meetings offered, ESC Refs must attend one :-)

  1. Meeting (Clinic) I - Tuesday, February 24
  2. Meeting (Clinic) II - Thursday, February 26    

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
City/State: Edmond, OK
Place: Edmond Public Library, Rm A/B
Fee: $0 (Register Online)
Contact: Parris Sanders
Email: referee@edmondsoccer.com


The Edmond Referees will convene for our Pre-Season Meeting at the Edmond Public Library. The meeting will run from 6-7:30 pm.
The referee committee will conduct a training session which will include information needed by referees to work at ESC this season. We also try to have a little fun.  We look forward to seeing you at one of the meetings listed above.
Please contact Parris via email to RSVP. Please set aside a bit of time to review your Laws of the Game as well as the ESC Rules of Competition for Rec games, which is found on the Recreational Tab. Also, have a look in your ref bag and make sure that your uniform is in good shape. Finally, log in to your Arbiter account to update your information and your availability calendar before the meeting.

Periodic refresher clinics are conducted mid-season, and when called by the Area Referee.  Registered referees are regularly notified about scheduled meetings.  Please ensure that you have updated both of your accounts (Arbiter and RefPay) and that your availability calendar in the Arbiter is current.

During the season, meeting information will be posted on this page.

Please visit these "REFEREE" webpages regularly for information about upcoming meetings. It is the refree's responsibility to maintain a link to the referee committee. Please make your contact information is current. If your contact information should change, please update it yourself in both the Arbiter and RefPay accounts.