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Academy - Indoor Soccer

ESC Indoor Academy Winter 2015-2016

League Start Date:    Winter Session 1

                                  League play start date:  Monday, November 9, 2015

                                  Registration Deadline: October 18th

                                  Winter Session 2:

                                   League Play start dates:  January 18, 2016

                                  Registration deadline:  January 6

Location:                 Soccer City; 4520 Old Farm Road, OKC, OK  73162 (


Game Days/Practice Days

Age Group Game Day Coach Email
U10 Boys Tuesday James Soesbee
U9 Boys Tuesday James Soesbee
U7/U8 Boys Thursday Paul Brash
U10 Girls Monday Jimmy Hampton
U9 Girls Monday Jimmy Hampton
U7/U8 Girls Thursday Gary Boreham

U7 girls may play on Friday

Practice:  Training time will be from 4:10 PM to 5:10 PM at Soccer City.  The first 15 minutes of each session will be speed and agility training.   The technical (skills) training will start at 4:30 PM.  It will be OK to get there at 4:30 PM if you can’t get them there in time for the speed work.  We do our best to have practices on the same night as the game.  We do this in order to scale back the number of days the kids/families are out doing soccer over the winter months to slow down and get somewhat of a break fro the busy fall season and to prevent burnout. Practice schedules subject to change.

Cost:  $575 per team and $80 for ref fees ($10 to be paid each game)    Cost will be divided by the number of players participating.  Managers will collect the fees for their  teams on the first night of league play.

Practice Field Rental:  $90 per hour divided by the number of players.

Training Fees:  $50 per month U7-U10

Uniforms:  Academy t-shirts are available for Purchase at Soccer USA (Danforth and Kelly) You can purchase the kit, including shirt, shorts, and socks.

Indoor Academy Registration Fee: $50 for new player to the academy only!!.  To register, complete the form, enclose a check for $50 made out to ESC, and mail to the address on the form. 

Players that played outdoor academy in the fall do not need to register again for indoor academy.

Registration form (click below)