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Rec/Trav Rec Registration

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Registration Timeline:

   Regular Registration          Jan 1 - Jan 25        $95

   Late Registration               Jan 26 - Feb 6       $115

   Registration Closes         February 7, 2015

   Coaches Meeting              February 20

   Season Kickoff                  March 7

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In which age group is my child? Brackets are determined by birthdays, not school grades. In other words, children are grouped by their ages as of July 31, not whether they are in first or second grade. This means that children in the same class at school could be in different age groups for soccer. When you register, the system recognizes your player's birthdate and places them in the correct age group. Players return to their previous team by default.

Spring 2015 Youth Age Division Chart
U4 ('11 player) 8/1/10-7/31/11 U12 (‘03 player) 8/1/02-7/31/03
U5 ('10 player) 8/1/09-7/31/10    U13 (‘02 player) 8/1/01-7/31/02
U6 ('09 player) 8/1/08-7/31/09 U14 (‘01 player) 8/1/00-7/31/01
U7 ('08 player) 8/1/07-7/31/08 U15 (‘00 player) 8/1/99-7/31/00
U8 ('07 player) 8/1/06-7/31/07 U16 (‘99 player) 8/1/98-7/31/99
U9 ('06 player) 8/1/05-7/31/06 U17 (‘98 player) 8/1/97-7/31/98
U10 (’05 player) 8/1/04-7/31/05 U18 (‘97 player) 8/1/96-7/31/97
U11 ('04 player) 8/1/03-7/31/04 U19 (‘96 player) 8/1/95-7/31/96


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