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Preliminary Schedule


The preliminary schedule is posted.    Be sure to go over the schedule at your parent meeting this week to make sure your players are available for the scheduled games. 

You have until Friday of next week to look over and request any changes.  After next Friday, Feb 19, the schedule will be final.

Please also look at the availability chart below for reschedules before submitting a request.

ESC Scheduler

Gary Boreham

Reschedule Policy/Procedure

Failure to comply with reschedule guidelines will result in a request denial


  • All Requests must be submitted AT LEAST 1 week before the original scheduled date.  Requests received after the reschedule deadline, may be granted and will incur ref fees.
  • Rain-Out Mass Reschedules will be sent to each coach following a rainout.
  • OPL Reschedules are subject to the approval by OPL Commission (OPL moves the games, not ESC)
  • OSA Reschedules must notify OSA; are subject to their Guidelines; must be submitted via the ESC Reschedule Form; AND the following fees may apply
  • NO SHOW games will not be rescheduled without payment of the NO-SHOW fee.

Reschedule Request Fee

  • 1 "Free" Reschedule Request per team per season.
  • 1 "Free" Reschedule Request for Verifiable Tournament Participation
  • 2nd Reschedule Request "considered" with paid $50 Reschedule Fee (after any "Free Requests")
  • 3rd Reschedule Request "considered" with paid $100 Reschedule Fee
  • NO SHOW games will not be rescheduled without payment of NO-SHOW fees
  • NO-SHOW fees: U8 - $15; U10 - $20; U12 - $68; U14 - $70; U16 - $85; U19 - $115
  • If fees are required, they must be received before the request is granted.
  • Mail No-Show/2nd or 3rd Request fees to:
    Edmond Soccer Club
    Reschedule Request
    PO Box 955
    Edmond, OK 73083

Field Usage Fees

Field usage fees are $100 plus $100 damage deposit. Field usage fees apply to games originally scheduled at a visiting team's field. Reschedules originally scheduled at ESC, but requested by visiting teams, are charged to the ESC team. If fees apply, you may ask your non-ESC opponent to share the reschedule fee. ESC CANNOT send referees to a visiting club and WILL NOT pay referees for rescheduled games played off campus.


Reschedule Procedure:

1.  Get with opposing coach and come up with a date/time that works for both of you.

    (If a reschedule date can not be agreed upon, the game will play as scheduled!!!)

2.  Email Gary Boreham with your request and CC opposing coach.  Gary will confirm if field space is available. 

     In the email submit:  Age division, game number, original play date, time and field, proposed rescheduled date and time, and reason for reschedule.



Requests do not guarantee a reschedule. Field and referee limitations may apply. Requests, if granted, will appear on the live schedule within a few days. "No-Reply" emails may be sent to inform you of problems with your request. You may be asked to change and resubmit your request. Failure to comply with reschedule guidelines will result in a request denial


Thank you for your cooperation!