Take a look at the current in stock ESC and OFC logo merchandise. Check the website to see when a table will be set up at the soccer fields for cash & carry. Otherwise, email 'ESC Gear' or 'OFC Gear' with your order.

***  Special order merchandise is available from the following approved vendors ***

  • ESC provides FREE U4/U5/U6 Game Tees at the coaches and parent's meetings
  • Soccer USA: Competitive and Recreational Team uniform and uniform pieces
  • Rainbow Pennant: Team Flags (3x5), Banners
  • Signs To Go: Auto Decals, Banners
  • Refined Designs (Screen Printing/Embroidery)


Players in the U7-U10 age groups must wear the Official Nike Integris ESC Uniform for all games, both on and off campus. Teams that have previously purchased a colored jersey in this group should wear the approved Black/White ESC jersey.

The Official approved ESC Uniform is as follows:

U4-U6 - FREE T-Shirt provided delivered to the team coach at the coaches meeting; black shorts, team socks.

U7-U10 - Black/White Integris Jerseys, black shorts, team socks. Uniform kits are available at Soccer USA.


All U11 - U19 Traveling Rec players must wear the ESC approved Nike Traveling Rec Integris Logo Team Uniform. The coach must select one of 6 available styles and colors of uniforms; all available to order thru Soccer USA. Team uniforms must be ordered a minimum 2-weeks before the 1st season games.

Integris Jersey Team Form


In order to maintain a standard of quality and level of consistency, the club has put into place policies and procedures concerning the following club identifiers:

  1. 'Edmond Soccer Club'
  2. 'Oklahoma Football Club'
  3. 'ESC'
  4. 'OFC'
  5. Club Logo

If players or parents are considering using any of the club identifiers for any reason (i.e. Fundraiser, sponsor shirts, etc.), you are asked to submit your idea to the Design Standards Committee for approval. If approved, the design or item will be made available to the entire club.


The T-Shirt Fundraiser program is a board-approved team fundraiser. To participate, your team must follow these guidelines and use the forms provided below.

T-Shirt Fundraiser Guidelines

T-Shirt Sponsor Record

T-Shirt Fundraiser Team Form



Soccer USA - 1279 W Danforth, Edmond, OK 73003, 405 216-8989 (All Uniforms)